Correctly designed CCTV Systems can provide effective surveillance for both on-site recorded systems and off-site recorded systems and off-site alarm receiving center (ARC) monitoring systems.

It is often thought that a CCTV camera positioned on a building or a CCTV column will see the same view as the human eye would. This is not the case because the human eye has a human brain in the background that allows the human eye to zoom into the area of interest within the field of view. This is the most important consideration when designing a CCTV System. Here at Monks Security Systems, we think we are the best at extracting what the exact CCTV requirements for an application are and then designing the most cost-effective solution to this requirement.

On Site 

On Site recorded systems are made up of a variety of static functional and covert cameras with or without a person monitoring the live footage, these systems are associated with ‘after the event’ actions, looking back at the recorded footage. 

Off Site

Off-Site systems are monitored remotely at an Alarm Receiving Centre, viewed via an ADSL telephone or network connection when an alarm activation takes place within the hours of the monitored period. In the past this has been done by movement devices often used to bring lights on, but as technology has moved on "video analytics" has replaced these movement sensors click here for the example. You can see from this clip that an area of interest boundary field has been applied (shown by a blue line). The movement of a person can be determined using advanced motion detection and algorithm’s to create an alarmed event (shown by the red box) and subsequently a live connection is made to the ARC. These analytics and other analytic operations are the closest CCTV Systems have got to a human brain.

The ARC can perform remote live audible intervention as well as operating relays and actioning either keyholder response for ‘Type B systems or police action for ‘Type A’ systems.


In order to get a police response with a police unique reference number the installing and maintaining company must have BS8418 extended accreditation. Monks Security Systems are one of the few companies in the North that have this accreditation.

Contact one of our experienced designers to help you with your requirements, the subject of CCTV is vast!