Intruder Alarms

Offering total protection and complete peace of mind Monks Security Systems have a range of modern, ‘hard wired’ and ‘wireless’, reliable systems for detecting Intruders. All systems are designed to meet the demands of industry standards BS EN 50131, PD6662 and DD243.

Monks Security Systems offer a complete solution, from consultation and design to installation, service and maintenance.

Intruder Alarm Systems are exactly what they are called, they are designed to detect Intruders once they have entered the protected premises. These systems cannot be designed to prevent persons entering a building other than the deterrent of an Intruder seeing that an Intruder Alarm system has been installed. To prevent persons entering a building an Off-site monitored CCTV system would be required.

Intruder Alarm Systems are made up of control equipment for setting and un-setting the systems, keeping a log of events, housing back up batteries to enable the system to work in the event of power failure and also to signal the outside world of any activations via communicators and bells, power interruptions, failure to set and other technical signals. Detection devices are connected to the control equipment and these range from Door contacts to Movement sensors, Vibration Shock sensors, Breakglass sensors, Vibrating cable and Panic buttons just to name a few.

For Certification, Insurance and specifying purposes Intruder Alarm Systems are graded as shown in the table below,

Alarm Grade Level of Risk Type of Premises Insurance Level Notification Options
1 Low DIY Type Installation NO NO
2 Low to Medium Residential and Low-Risk Commercial YES YES
3 Medium to High High-Risk Residential and Commercial YES YES
4 Very High Banks, Possible Terrorist Targets, etc YES YES