Smoke Screen

A ‘Smoke Screen’ was originally referred to as military action where smoke was deployed to mask the movement or location of military units.

Today the term has a much broader use and here at Monks Security Systems we use it to describe a security fogging solution that reduces theft, deters criminals and help's to protect property.

There is a great term used, ‘Thieves cannot steal what they can't see’ and so ‘ Smoke Screen Systems’ come into their own for isolated buildings, quick snatch and grab raids and many other applications.

The smoke generated is harmless and leaves no residue,  so the property being protected is not damaged.

Above see the short video clip of our ground floor office to see how the smoke is deployed from just one generator.

The activation of smoke reduces visibility to the intruder, disorients them to their whereabouts and the sound of the deployment often when mixed with sounders and strobes is enough to discourage any further attempts to continue the intrusion.